Special Gift Card
Special Gift Card
Special Gift Card

Special Gift Card


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The purchased gift card will be emailed to the purchaser in person.

Gift cards purchased by the user will be sent by e-mail to the person who made the purchase, even if the gift is intended for an acquaintance or friend.

In order to give the Gift Card to someone else, the user must forward the email to the recipient or send the URL of the Gift Card to the recipient.


Gift cards are redeemed by entering a code

To use a gift card owned by the user, the user must enter the code provided on the gift card page at the time of purchase. Please note that even if you own a gift card, the amount of the gift card is not automatically reflected in your account.

The time to enter the gift card is at checkout when you purchase an item. Note that the gift card you own will be applied for the first time when you enter the code in the entry field that appears at checkout.


Amounts over the gift card balance settle the difference.

When using a gift card to purchase an item, if the purchase price is within the gift card balance, simply enter the code to complete the order. However, if the purchase price exceeds the Gift Card balance, the remaining amount must be paid before the order is confirmed.

The balance on the gift card will also be deducted from the purchase price, including all sales tax and delivery charges.