The proper handling of your Makeup brushesのコピー

How to Keep Your Brushes in Good Condition

At Hata Bunshindou, two of the most skilled craftspeople in all Japan put their hearts and souls into creating brushes: Yoshiyuki Hata, a Traditional Craftsman so designated by the Government of Japan, and his son, Koso Hata. With the highest-quality materials and a delicate finishing touch coupled with their solid techniques, you will find in our makeup brushes a wonderful complement to your eternal beauty, which we hope will always bring a smile to your face.

Daily Care

Each time you use a brush, tap off any excess powder left on the bristles into the slightly curled palm of your hand.
If any powder still remains, gently wipe it off with a cloth or soft tissue. If you rub the bristles too strongly, this may damage the hairs and cause them to fall out.

Cleaning the Brush

1. Cleaning in lukewarm water

When the bristles start to smell or contain beads of makeup, wash them in lukewarm water. Creating foam using a fragrance-free soap removes residue without washing out the oil content. Be certain to wash the bristles all the way up to the root.
Using your fingers, gently squeeze the bristles from the root outwards to remove the makeup residue from the brush.
Stubborn residue left on the hairs can be removed by soaking the bristles in lukewarm water and then gently tapping the surface of the soap a few times. Use clean lukewarm water each time you rinse the bristles. Rinse thoroughly without rubbing the bristles.

*Do not wash the brush with a neutral kitchen detergent or cleanser containing any alcoholic solvent. The alcoholic solvent damages the natural hairs, causing them to weaken and fall out.

*Using fabric softener or hair conditioner could impair the bristles ability to hold powder.


2. Drying

Gently squeeze the brush head with a towel and shake away any excess water. Use your fingers to gently shape it into its original shape.
Ensure that the brush is not dried in the sun or with a dryer as it will damage the brush hairs. Allow the brush to dry naturally in the shade, away from heat.
Gently rub the dried brush head into the shape of a flower bud.

*Please do NOT leave the brush with its head on top in order to prevent any excess moisture from remaining at the brush roots.

How to store brushes

If you use the brushes on a daily basis, place them in a glass, with the handle down. Larger brushes must be placed horizontally in a special box especially designed for makeup brushes. This will prevent the bristles from becoming misshapen. However, if you do not use the brushes for long periods, this will damage the hairs and cause them to fall out.
Avoid moisture and excessive dryness. Always store brushes in a clean and dry environment. If you store away the brushes for a long period, insects may damage the brush hairs. Our high-quality hair tends to attract insects. Please use proper insect repellent measures.

When to Replace Your Brushes

In both professional and personal situations, the brush head can become worn and the bristles may start to fall out. Brushes should last a long time, but this depends on the type of bristles and also how often you use your brush.
When you feel that the bristles cannot hold as much powder as before, and their texture becomes worse, it is time to change your brush.